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High Quality Nursing Bras

Cache Coeur’s comfortable and boutique nursing bras are made to adapt and breathe.

The nursing bra you never have to worry about. Made with the newest advancements in support and comfort, the maternity bras of Cache Coeur are made to look in every way as good as they feel. As a new mother, or a mother-to-be, you deserve to wear a style of clothing that loves you inside-and-out. Suited to your tastes, modern and traditional, our various lines of pregnancy bras are carefully crafted in consideration to your maternal needs. Finding the best maternity bra isn’t about getting a bigger size, it’s about feeling comfortable, at your most beautiful and having the perfect option to wear as the months and trimesters wear on.

The top-tier design and function from the exquisite nursing bra collection from Cache Coeur keeps you covered and keeps you supported with cups capable of expanding an entire cup size. So as you grow, it grows.  Our comfortable and boutique maternity bras are made to adapt and breathe. You’ll find within our fabrics and microfibers the best nursing bras for a most-beautiful motherhood.

Adaptation and Excellence: a Nursing Bra like No Other

Beyond comfort and accessibility, beneath the bows and avant-garde design is the mastered art of savoir-faire. From the French word “to adapt”, Cache Coeur has revolutionized the maternity bra in appearance, performance and function. Featuring microfiber materials, magnetic clips and one-hand openings, you’ll find that a nursing bra like no other within each of our exclusive designs.  Having mastered the fine art of finding the perfect fit, our pregnancy nursing bras feature an aesthetic among the highest standards of both lingerie and maternity clothes.

Cache Coeur’s maternity nursing bras comfort the breasts through the inclusion of two zones. These fabrics are designed to keep the sensitive skin and nipples supported and comfortable from trimester to the next.

   •  To prevent irritation of sensitive nipples, our nursing bras feature a “dry” zone to prevent the occurrence of rubbing.

   •  To combat the issue of leakage, our cups have a “wet” zone with microfibers that dry up to 5 times faster than the standard bra.

Boheme Nursing Bra

Boheme not only envelops you in luxury and beauty, it provides you with support and comfort. Made from a soft stretch lace, this nursing bra’s modern fit allows you to feel secure and comfortable all day long. The special ‘wet zone’ can quickly soak up any leaks and dries up to 5 times faster; while the ‘dry zone’ is made from a soft cotton that allows for maximum movement without any rubbing.

Boheme Maternity Nursing Bra

Lisa Maternity Nursing Bra

Lisa Maternity Nursing Bra

Bring back the romance into your wardrobe. Not only is the Lisa stunningly elegant, it is also very practical. Its flexible cups allow for growth and can support your bust throughout pregnancy and nursing. The fabric is free from any harmful substances, so is safe next to your and your baby’s delicate skin. The clips, designed for one handed opening, make nursing simple and enjoyable and the underwire adds an extra level of support and comfort.

Dunes Nursing Bra

Featuring a heart shaped jewel, this line is sophisticated, feminine and ultra comfortable making it a must-have for every mum-to-be. Its moulded cups fit you like a glove and will grow with you throughout your pregnancy and nursing period. The fabric is comfortable and flexible allowing for continued wear and, as with all our maternity bras, the Dunes line comes with an adjustable back for added comfort.

Dunes Maternity Nursing Bra

Garconne Maternity Nursing Bra

Garçonne Nursing Bra

For a vintage feel, look no further than this beautiful and fun line of lingerie. Reintroducing the retro spirit, full-cup shape and chic design, you will look and feel gorgeous in Garçonne. These pregnancy bras are modern and stylish on the outside while also functional and supportive underneath. The microfibre fabric allows for any leaks in the ‘wet zone’ to dry five times faster and the easy one-handed clips on the straps mean that nursing can be discreet and easy to do.

Kimono Nursing Bra

Supportive, yet seductive and simple is the beauty of our polka dot bra. Appeal to your fun side with this playful design and enjoy the support and comfort that it provides you with. This nursing bra has soft wired cups which hold you in place all day long and a microfibre back with adjustable band to allow your bra to grow with you. It is also made from a fabric free of hazardous substances; a must for any mum-to-be.

3D Light Maternity Nursing Bra

A simple yet stunning design, the 3D light offers every mother a comfortable and supportive nursing and maternity bra to wear throughout her pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is wire free and fully moulded, giving you excellent support, even if you have fuller breasts. It is made from a revolutionary material in the lingerie world and with no apparent seams, shape memory and ultra soft fabric. It may be the most comfortable, best nursing bra you will ever wear. 

Illusion Maternity Nursing Bra

Mixing fashion and style with comfort and support, the soft lace and embroidery of the Illusion line of maternity bras reveal its femininity and beauty and gives the illusion of a second skin. For those with a larger bust, it provides an extra level of support and will see you through your entire pregnancy and while you are nursing. Its simplicity and design mean that it is perfect for everyday wear and the added support of the seamless technology mean you will never want to take it off.

Signature Maternity Nursing Bra

Bringing a new twist on the breast feeding bra; Signature is an eco-friendly and eco-responsible line from Cache Coeur. Characterized by its refinement and elegance, it combines luxury, comfort and modern design to produce a stunning bra. This organic nursing bra is made from a light organic cotton and begs to be worn. It is GOTS certified and has a number of elements of comfort including an adjustable back, quick drying ‘wet zones’ and evolving cups that grow with your bust.

Finding the right nursing bra shouldn’t be so much of a challenge. Nor should you shop varying sizes from one trimester to the next. Cache Coeur’s breastfeeding or "Nursing" bras offers support that adapts and grows through the changes that come from the onset of motherhood. A clash of luxury, fashion, style and support, our maternity bras are made with the best material inside and out. To celebrate the evolution of your body entering motherhood, we have evolved the nursing bra. 



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